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Guitar Amp Wall - many setup options

This is how we do guitars :)

Lots of setup options, lots of sound options - wall of fantastic sound.

Guitar Amp Wall used during the recording of Oak Hollow - we enjoy our work!



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ADK Music Group - we are proud to have teamed up with this great service

ADK Music Group - we have joined their network.

Why did we want to join? Well being part of a team has always been something that interested us.
We have always wanted to offer our artists MORE - more services that reflect our own ethos: quality end products.
Starting off with a quality studio, a great producer (Alwyn Walker), Mastering through to Duplication/Replication and potentially a Point Of Sale for the bands also.
Great quality sells more and we want to ensure that artists have all the necessary tools at their disposal to sell and keep the quality high.
We are looking forward to a great 2014 ahead :)

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The Blades, Live in the Olympia, Dublin

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Tickle The Pig, Live in Newry

I got to record "Tickle the Pig" with Davey Arthur in the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre in Newry, using my mic splitters and dedicated preamps.. I don't know when it'll be released yet. I'm hoping to do another show there soon - details to follow.

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Miss Kate and the Higher State



One of the projects I've been involved in over the last few months:

Miss Kate and the Higher State, an epic funk/soul/pop band from Dublin & Cork.


A genuine pleasure to work with Kate and the whole band of top professionals she has backing her.


BUY the EP here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/miss-kate-higher-state-ep/id736749330


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