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2FM's Xmas Gig raised 450K for ISPCC

We enjoyed the 2FM  gig last night (23rd December) in the 3 Arena in order to raise money for the ISPCC. 
450K was raised last night! 
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An incredible night. 450k raised by the wonderful #2fmXmasBall all our music stars and all who bought tickets. https://t.co/XJw3n3DnpM

— ISPCC Childline (@ISPCCChildline)
">December 23, 2015  
The following artists were performing onstage including Hozier, Ryan Sheridan, Little Green Cars, Gavin James, Riptide Movement, Hudson Taylor & The Coronas.
3 out of those 7 artists have recorded in Westland Studios including Hozier, Ryan Sheridan and Little Green Cars and also members of both Riptide Movement and The Coronas have used the studio! (so could I say 5 out of those 7 artists have recorded here?).
Needless to say this was a very proud moment for ADK Music Group :) 
And WOW - what an amazing gig - thoroughly enjoyable!
@ISPCCChildline @Hozier @RTE2fm @TheCoronas @gavinjames @HudsonTaylor @Littlegreencars @riptidemovement @RyanSounds
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Alwyn producing Amelia Adler's project with string quartet

​Alwyn at the helm producing Amelia Adler's project and directing the string quartet.

Once the drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitars & vocals have been tracked and edited the focus turns towards the string section. After having composed the string parts Alwyn is having fun hearing the real string section bring the songs to life (in Westland Studios Dublin).

Our very talented (also polite & cool) assistant Bebhinn McDonnell made this great short video about the process :)

We hope you enjoy!

Kyle, ADK Music Group.


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Playing guitar for client's project

Adding multiple layers to great tracks - it's great to build it up!! :)



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Assassin recording in Westland Studios in 1986

We believe this to be Assassin recording "Stealin" at Westland Studios in 1986 just after supporting Def Leppard tour.
L-R back
Jon Dillon - guitar
Pat Mooney - drums
Mick Berney - guitar
David P. Byrne - vox
(AWOL Charles Hanna - bass)
L-R front
Fast Eddie Clarke (Motörhead) - Producer
Tim Martin - Engineer
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The Leslie Cab can be used on guitars too :)

We're happy to display us using the Leslie Cab for cool guitar sounds in Westland Studios :)

It's another creative cool sounding tool for when Alwyn is producing.



Find out more about the Leslie Cab below:

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