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Early production work with Simeon Kirkegaard in Westland Studio

Production has begun on Simeon Kirkegaard's songs with drum tracking along to guide tracks.

This is great working with Simeon in Westland Studios! :)

Looking forward to next time he's in.



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Drum take with backing tracks for Simeon Kirkegaard

Drum take played along to guide tracks for one of Simeon's tracks :)



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Simeon Kirkegaard's album late last year :-)

Session drumming video of a take for Simeon's album taken late last year :-)

He has lots of talent for pop rock songs - check out his page www.skirkegaard.com


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Mastered for iTunes Poster for 2015


Enjoy our new poster! :)



We wanted to make sure people knew that we are Mastered For iTunes approved for the year 2015.

Please let everyone know :)


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Santiago Kodela's Session pics

A test of skillz! Santiago's music is challenging :)

Crazy time signatures, varying styles and tempos make for an interesting listen!

Checkout the session pics below courtesy of Rebecca Rodgers TEL 0879590527

Thanks Rebecca, you've done a great job :)

See pictures here: Kyle Walker Drums Website

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