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Guitar Amp Wall - many setup options

This is how we do guitars :)

Lots of setup options, lots of sound options - wall of fantastic sound.

Guitar Amp Wall used during the recording of Oak Hollow - we enjoy our work!



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Charity Single for the Rape Crisis Centre


We had the pleasure of working with Jane Devitt from the Rape Crisis Centre, who organised a charity single that was co-written by Danny O'Reilley (Coronas) and Mundy.


Roisin O and Mundy did a great job as well as all the musicians who were all top professionals.


Westland Studios - location

Alwyn Walker - producer /mixer
Darrell Walker - MSB Mastering
Danny O'Reilly - co-writer
Mundy - co-writer / vocals

Róisín O - vocals
Sarah Lynch - piano / strings

Keith Farrell - bass
Jason Duffy - drums
Simon Devir - video/photo
Pauline Rowan - RCC
Stephen Mogerley - video
Jane Devitt - RCC
Pluto Communications



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New mic!

Woohoo, a new harmonica mic.
Cliche but i can't wait to try it on drums :-D

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Snare collection

I never noticed our snare collection growing until i put them in a line on the shelf!!! Alwyn

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New Amp! Marshall JVM 205H

Sweet chunky growl. :-)
It works well with all four of our 4x12 cabs and compliments the JMP-1 and 9000 poweramp beautifully!

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