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Check out our Studio Floor Plan

Check out the floor plan we've just added to our site.

 Floor Plan


The 2 smaller booths are to be added soon.


If you would like a copy of the floorplan emailed to you just ask :)


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Here's a list of recent clients, artists, bands, producers & film makers who have used Westland recently

We've been SO BUSY that we haven't found the time to update the blog as often as we would like!

Some recent clients of Westland Studios include:

The Black Captain

Miley Cyrus
Down The River
The City Apples
Daniel Ryan
The Twenty
Irish House Party
Elevation Falls
26 Red
Yong Budda
Oak Hollow
Ham Sandwhich
Crow Black Chicken
Risky Business
RubyWorks Label
Rob Kirwan Producer
Joanne Jakma
Rob MacCloud producer
The Ground Will Shake
Screaming Giants
Judymay Murphy

Sean MacLeod

Hugh tuckey
Roger Quail
Jennifer Buckley
Daniel Aherne
Joe Doherty
Taylor Maslanka
Martin Tourish
Genesis Elijah
Karl Moore
Jason Jase
Shane Hynes
Paul Melia
Ruth Leckie
Ken Allen
Karl Odlum
Wood Burning Savages
Declan Snowden
Cormac Liston
Sum Yung Wans
Ryan Lewis (Macklemore)

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JIMI: All Is By My Side Official Trailer (Jimi Hendrix) - Scenes filmed in Westland

Well I'm trying to track down pictures of Alwyn and John as extras in the film! Once I do then I'll post them up here :)

Until then you can enjoy watching the trailer of Jimi: All Is By My Side in which some scenes were filmed in Westland. The studio is a great venue for filming and we always enjoy this type of project.

The film, written and directed by 12 Years A Slave scriptwriter John Ridley charts Hendrix’s rise to stardom throughout 1966 & 1967. Enjoy!


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Original author: kyle
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The Manhattan Syndrome release a video for the song Keep Sake

It's great to see The Manhattan Syndrome's new video Keep Sake now available on YouTube.

Recorded in Westland, Produced by Alwyn Walker & The Manhattan Syndrome it sure is great quality viewing :)


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Recent Westland Client: Miley Cyrus

We had the pleasure of welcoming Miley Cyrus, her band and Paul David Hager (Her star engineer) in Westland on the 18th May before their live shows in Belfast and Dublin.


Our lovely studio runners Rachael and Claire were delighted to get a picture with Miley :-)


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