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Neil Dorrington playing bass on Simeon's Kirkegaard's project

​Working more on Simeon's album - this time recording bass with session player Neil Dorrington.

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Simeon Kirkegaard tracking guitars with Alwyn Walker

Norwegian Pop/Rock artists works on his album

It's great to be working with Simeon again tracking guitars, setting them up and getting the right sounds.

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We're happy to be able to use a cool piano

We're happy to show off the piano we have access to in Westland :)

It has a different sound than the Baldwin so now we have more sonic options - nice one!!




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Alwyn creating cool "synth sounds" when producing She Speaks

Alwyn doing cool work by using an electric power tool near the guitar to interfere with the magnetic fields in the pickups!



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New tapes for the Re-201

New tape loops for the Roland space echo! Woop Woop sounds wickeeeeedddd!!!!Alwyn Walker
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