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Re-valving amps :-)

Been REAL busy lately revalving amps!


latest to be done and biased a bit hotter is the FENDER BASSMAN.

Ever since I got it I knew it could sound better and guess what, biased hot with some new JJ's it kicks butt!

did the mesa recto pre too and I should be getting my marshall JMP superbass 100W back soon too, also revalved!!


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Now FIVE killer bass amps!

Just in case the Ampeg SVT-2 Pro, Marshall Superbass 100W, Fender Bassman and Dynacord FET weren't enough, I just aquired a very rare, all valve TRACE ELLIOT HEXAVALVE HEAD. 



It's similar to the Ampeg but cleaner, brighter and "zingy-er"...


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Live Sound in Ulster Hall & Olympia

Dead Label asked me to do the live sound for them at the Ulster Hall in Belfast and the Olympia Theatre in Dublin while they were supporting Machine Head. Wow. What a rig that was, especially in the Ulster Hall! Dead label got an amazing welcome in the Olympia, and they responded by putting on a show that was worthy of ANY stage. :-)


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