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Whopper 2012

Dear (studio) diary

Ok so 2012 has been exhausting, with me having taken on so many of my own productions (as opposed to simply hiring out westland studios to other producers)

Having said that, it's been a lot of fun this year and I'm honoured to have worked with such talented bands and artists as Ian O'Doherty, Leaders of Men, Chosen, Stillpoint, Two Tales of Woe, Dichotomy, Sinside, Able Archer and many more. All fantastic musicians and people!

Also, through purchases, part payments, repairs, upgrades and exchanges I've managed to secure for myself, my studio and my clients a S**TLOAD of amps, cabs, speakers, guitars, fx, cymbals, plugins and outboard.

It's been hard work but i'd say it's been well worth it.

Also, 2012 has brought me the arrival in dublin of Darrell who runs MSB Mastering from the westland studios building!

Plan for 2013?
Breathe. Work hard. Research & Network. Work hard. Maybe a trip to uk, Work hard, update the plan.

Happy 2013 everyone!

Ps. Massive thanks to Kyle Walker from www.komodoimage.com for all his help with drumming, t-shirts and my websites!

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Been a busy boy!

I'm finally going on a holiday!
First holiday in uhhhhh 4 years?
Chicago! To visit a very good friend :-)
And the best thing is I'm straight into producing an album for the manhattan syndrome as soon as i get back.
If you haven't heard of them yet, you will :-)

Happy new year folks
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Wow. A lot going on. Need Sleep.



Where to begin.

I'm currently producing two albums, one for technical death metal band Dichotomy who are fantastic musicians, and one for Swiss band (who flew over) Sinside, who are already well known in their home country but this album should make a big impact on the european hard rock scene.

Recently finished an EP for Able Archer, and have been working with Ian O'Doherty again. I just love his songs and you should hear him on the radio soon as the work we have done together is just world-class.


Westland Studios is booked up a good bit in advance at the moment, mostly with my own projects.


At the same time, I've been pimping guitars, re-valving amps and buying a few little things.

- Carlsbro 50 Top: cleaner than fender amps, sounds amazing with a tele through a pro co Rat.

- ADA MP-1 rack valve preamp from the 80's.

- Trace elliot GRP-3 guitar amp

- Waves plugins (yes. I BUY my plug-ins.)

- new cymbals

- a new 13" TAYE snare


Oh and I have been engineering for an EMI France project with Fred Chateau.

We worked hard and ate well haha


Right. Sleep. Then more mixing. 





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Leaders of Men

Well well.


Finally I got to work with a band I have wanted to work with for some time: LEADERS OF MEN.

Did 4 tracks with them and they kick ass, original sound with WORLDWIDE commercial potential.

Great lads too, had a fantastic time with them, as you'll see from the text that Gav sent me (on the References page)





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I've been busy lately producing a band that I absolutely LOVE called Stillpoint from Northern Ireland. Influenced by Biffy Clyro, Radiohead and Foo Fighters this trio are preparing for their 2nd UK tour and are securing decent support slots.

Check out the video page for their studio diary :-)

yup had a whopper time! 


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