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New amp!

> It looks like nothing but the tone is superb. Think big sound condensed into a really creamy midrangey boxy but pleasant tone! Retro :-) literally, it's from the 50's. thanks to scan from deepsouthvintage.com

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Fwd: Chosen review

yet another review of an album I produced for chosen :-)

Alwyn Walker - Producer Website
Westland Studios

5-6 Lombard St East, Dublin
00353 (0)879 668 333
Studio Website  - Client List  - Gear List
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This is how we do bass

Band: two tales of woe
Tuning: A and drop G
Bass: F Jazz with SD quarter pound


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Alwyn's mix of "I'd Fight Gandhi - InstruMental"

This was done last year...

Not produced by me, the lads just asked me to mix it :-)

Check it out peoples!!



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Chosen Album Finally Complete!

Many of you know that 2 years ago I started a project with a band called Chosen.

Back then we recorded the drums (in a big hall in northern ireland) and guitars (in komodo studios, also in NI), and due to many unforseen difficulties for the band, we ended up finishing everything else in 2012 in Westland Studios.

This is for all fans of metal, especially musicians, as the playing is on parr with the best in Ireland and internationally. (very little "protoolsing" was done at all, these guys are accurate.)





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