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2014 so far

Earlier this year I produced and mixed an EP for awesome biffy-influenced Dublin band Oak Hollow, who are launching it in the Workman's club on September 17th.


I also recently completed an EP for the catchy and uplifting Acoustic/Folk/Indie band The Black Captain.


I'm in the process of mixing a funk/pop EP for Limerick's talented up and coming Nice Tiger (FKA Sum Yung Wans)


And I recently started producing my first R&B project with Dubai's answer to Usher, Jason Jase.




Alwyn With Greg from Nice Tiger (FKA Sum Yung Wans)

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Miss Kate and the Higher State



One of the projects I've been involved in over the last few months:

Miss Kate and the Higher State, an epic funk/soul/pop band from Dublin & Cork.


A genuine pleasure to work with Kate and the whole band of top professionals she has backing her.


BUY the EP here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/miss-kate-higher-state-ep/id736749330


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i just found this randomly ;-)

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New purchase! Roland RE-201 space echo

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Time to sell some cymbals!

We have too many cymbals, and we only need to keep the best ones for recording so the others will be up on adverts.ie shortly!

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