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I just gave birth to a Partscaster

Alwyn has just given birth to a Partscaster with a new neck.

Sounds epic and a nice alternative to a standard Tele with its Texas Special pickups.

Labour was fairly painless and only lasted an hour and a half.




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New guitar that needs a pimpin'

Aria pro 2 TA-40 made 1987 in Korea.

Will replace tuners and pickups :-)


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Mod Factory Mooer Pedal

Latest Addition to the pedal lineup that I use! :)

Thanks to Simeon Kirkegaard for this great gift!!

Great sounds, loads of options!

The Mod Factory Mooer Pedal.




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Early production work with Simeon Kirkegaard in Westland Studio

Production has begun on Simeon Kirkegaard's songs with drum tracking along to guide tracks.

This is great working with Simeon in Westland Studios! :)

Looking forward to next time he's in.



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The Black Captain


Produced & Mixed by Alwyn Walker
Music Recorded at Westland Studios, Dublin
Mastered by MSB Mastering

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